The Bent Not Broken Story

One day a buddy of mine came home with two pieces of pipe, and he said, help me weld these together -- we're making a flag pole.

I looked at the two pieces of pipe, and one was a little wider than the other.  I said, "How do we make it straight?" As he was eyeballing it I had a better idea -- "Why don't we make it bent."

Without a word, he grabbed his angle grinder, and cut a wedge off the lower pipe. He grabbed his welder, we put the two pipes together, and shortly had them permanently joined.

Brenton grabbed a flag, put it on, and raised it into the air.  As my recollection has it, I looked up in awe and said, "America, Bent But Not Broken."

I took lots of pictures, and started telling people about it.  I was told to get a trademark and copyright, and put the idea out there for others to see.

So I did.  And here we are.  

Unquestionably, the bent flagpole is intended to mean this country is structurally unsound, and nearly broken.

America is the greatest country to be placed on this earth.  The only country -- ever -- to be blessed with limited gov't. 

Because of this, we are free thinkers.  Our free minds have discovered or invented the vast majority of important things since our inception (think Electricity, Computers x1,000)

This is a Fight to Bring Freedom Back to America.  This is a Fight to Bring Freedom to the Peoples of the World Because WE ARE -- NOT BROKEN